Keynote Speaking Topics:

Culture of Connection

How to Enhance Your Employee Satisfaction in Senior Living Communities

Many leaders and managers have experienced the costly impact of ineffective supervisors, wasting hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and endless amounts of energy.

But how does this apply specifically to the senior living industry? In this session, you will learn how this issue is directly impacting senior living communities around the country and what you can do to avoid the same outcome.

Now more than ever, the Executive Director must have the ability to coach developing leaders, innovate, increase customer satisfaction, retain employees and grow the business.

With strong links to the research on emotional intelligence, Juliana will break down what skills are crucial for the executive director and department head to be effective for those they lead and those they impact.

You will understand how the coach approach to developing leaders will empower your executive director to create the balance of challenge and support for department heads to both execute their job description while simultaneously maintain a laser focus on how their actions, attitudes and emotions create a culture of connection.

Session Outcomes:

  • Three skills EDs can be use immediately on property
  • How to identify measurable employee actions that build culture
  • Why emotional intelligence skills are the most valuable skills in this industry
  • How management skills for ED differ from management skills for a department head
  • Specific ways to communicate the financial ROI of staff leadership development to owners and management groups