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For Managers

Creating Connection: 4 Keys to Developing Your Senior Living Staff

For Property Teams

Property Teams: Practical Skills for Building Effective Connections With Co-Workers and Residents

For C-level Leadership

Corporate Values: Company-wide Culture focused on Execution of Values

For Managers:

Creating Connection

4 Keys to Developing Your Senior Living Staff

How can it become normal to expect honest discourse, confrontation and long lasting relational connection? How can people support each other with inherent stressors of senior living? The reality is that they will face the loss of residents and it will impact them personally and professionally. How do you create resilience in those who are full of compassion and want to serve older adults, yet have more work to accomplish than is humanly possible. In this interactive workshop, Juliana will walk you through a framework to help create the environment you’re looking for. Through a process of creating new norms, a culture of connection and a high level of emotional intelligence, your managers will understand where quality and excellence in service will generate lasting results for your senior living properties.

Session Outcomes:

  • How to hold staff accountable to job standards AND maintain relational connection
  • The #1 skill necessary to process grief in a healthy and productive way
  • One skill to create trust when starting a meeting to resolve conflict
  • Guide to a trust-building conversation: Two effective communication strategies you can do next week

For Property Level: Leadership evaluation, emotional health, leadership booster

Property Teams

Practical Skills for Building Effective Connections With Co-Workers and Residents

Who has the most power to create culture on a property? The staff who have the most hands on contact with the residents. With turnover as a constant challenge, how can the culture of connection vision stay alive? In this workshop key leaders and high potentials on a property will get practical guide for casting a vision, focusing on retention culture of connection between co-workers and residents. This dialogue will be one of the most powerful tools to impact customer satisfaction.

Session Outcomes:

  • The secret plan for retention: Step by step guide for “How to have a Retention Conversation”
  • Three activities you can do this month with your staff to a Culture of Connection

For C-level and Corporate Leadership:

Corporate Values

Company-wide Culture focused on Execution of Values

Don’t underestimate your power. Any interaction with corporate either creates trust or undermines trust. Are your interactions, policies and procedures building a culture of connection or eroding the culture? Corporate and C-Suite leaders must demonstrate their investment for a culture initiative to succeed. Learn strategies for supporting a culture of connection with policies and procedures, common language and communication strategies.

Session Outcomes:

  • Learn how to cast a company-wide vision for a “culture of connection”
  • Practical guide for vital conversations from corporate to property
  • Three things that build trust between corporate and property