The Senior Living Industry is facing a crossroads…

Attracting and retaining competent, compassionate employees is the key to achieving occupancy goals. This depends on the quality of your culture, which depends on the quality of your relationships.

Consider this…

Our Leadership Impact Training Could Save You $100,000+

The median employee turnover in assisted living in 2013 was 24% (Argentum, 2015).

The average CNA salary is $37,500 and has the highest turnover rate among skilled positions.

The average assisted living community employing 67 staff members may see annual turnover costs as high as $84,537 (Simmons, 2008/Catoe, 2017).

The Leadership Impact Training can help you retain your department heads and CNAs.

Top talent stays in your community and you eliminate the stress and costs of constant turnover. A win – win.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

“Our Executive Directors have excellent relationships with residents and their families, but struggle with managing and inspiring our employees.”

“Why can’t we reduce Caregiver turnover?”

“We have a talented Food Service Director who manages tasks well, but fails to relate with residents and accommodate their unique needs.”

“Why does conflict flare up so frequently at our properties? How can employees learn to resolve it, so it doesn’t take up the Executive Director’s time and energy?”


Leadership Impact Training

“My vision is that the Senior Living Industry has a reputation for being a deeply satisfying place to work. I want to cultivate the next generation of compassionate leaders to be passionate about a career in Senior Living.

I have been inspired by Executive Directors and Department Heads–their hearts and energy are poured into the people they serve and create a home for. But heart alone is not enough; they are stretched too thin and are in danger of burn out. We can train them to work and live differently. The LIT creates a nation-wide community of support. Leaders are no longer on their own. They have peers who truly understand the demands of this position.

Capacity increases when we have others to lean on.”

–Juliana Wilhelm

This program is specifically for Senior Living owners and property managers who want potential residents to open the door of their properties and immediately say,

“This feels like a home.”

“This is the right place for my mom/dad.”


We train Executive Directors and Department Heads to create a Culture of Connection. We train them in emotional intelligence and leadership skills, and hold them accountable to practicing those skills. Additionally, the program requires that they train their property staff with the tools and information they learn.

I am leading my team in a way I never have before. I did not even know it was possible.

Nan20 year Executive Director veteran

We take executive directors and department heads, and teach them all the skills they need to be successful.

Emotional Intelligence skills:
  • Self-awareness
  • Awareness of impact on others
  • How to create value driven employee goals
Leadership skills:
  • Active listening
  • Coaching questions
  • Identify and resolve conflict
  • Testing assumptions
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Productive meeting skills
  • SMART goals that create the culture you want
  • Coach approach vs command and control leadership
  • Protect your time and energy: Setting boundaries
  • Crucial conversations
  • Grief and loss for senior living leaders
  • How to retain employees, one conversation at a time
  • How to make sure they know they matter and how to measure their impact on culture (adapted from Patrick Lencioni’s The Truth About Employee Engagement)
  • Creating a cohesive team
Program Reviews:

I accomplished more this year than I would have if I wasn't in the program. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to really look at different scenarios with a different eye.

Prior to leadership program my goal was just basically check off my list of demands put on me I others. I really did not relationally connect with what others may be going through.

I constantly refer and reread my training. It has become my resource guide, and I LOVE the binder.

I found myself utilizing these tools more at home and personally then at work. Being a great leader flows over into my personal life-I’m very grateful and a better "me"!

I loved the program presentations, talks with my coach, and interactions with my peers. Content was excellent.

I loved the program! It was so effective, so real-life. Awesome job!

Honestly I enjoyed every bit of it. I learned a lot about myself that I never knew!

Still deciding if LIT is for you?

True Stories from Last Year’s Program

A new Food Service Director was receiving negative feedback about his food, despite his excellent culinary skills.  His Executive Director was in our program and was trained in relational connection skills.  Her coaching homework was to ask him to spend 5 minutes at each meal talking with residents.  He was annoyed and concerned about the time it would take away from his “job”, but he agreed to try it.  His next round of feeback from the residents showed that his food quality had drastically improved.  He did not change is food, menu or variety.  He simply showed the residents who he was, that he cared about them.  Food just tastes better when it is made by someone you know cares.

 An Executive Director and Department Head had a serious conflict the day before LIT.  So serious that the Department Head confided in her coach that she was planning to quit.   Both the Executive Director and Department Head were participants in LIT series focused on conflict resolution skills that week.  The Department Head recognized her part in the conflict, returned to the Executive Director to repair the relationship.  Both are still employed at this property today.

Are you ready to invest and ensure your culture will create the highest occupancy possible?

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