I feel honored to have been taught and coached by Juliana Wilhelm and her team. Juliana’s expertise in effective communication is incredible. She always knows just how to handle any conversation with authenticity and grace; and in a way that brings the desired results. Because of her skills, her dedication and the spirit of her delivery, I have become a better leader. Furthermore, I have experienced personal growth that will be with me the rest of my life.

Michelle AlexanderExecutive Director

I had an "a-ha" moment after 30-some years.

Nan StewartExecutive Director

Juliana’s overall impact, through both group discussions and one on one coaching, has been beneficial for individual staff growth resulting in favorable group and culture change. She has a strong ability to identify and chop at the root of the problem, recognize hiding tactics of leaders, and provide various resources and tools to help others grow.

Aaron CatoeRegional Property Manager

This program creates a workplace of team members that's not only engaged, but truly connected.

Bruce BucherRegional Property Manager

Juliana has a personal style and the ability to interject humor when relaying material so that it is easily absorbed. She has helped shape my career and professional life by improving my ability to look within myself and transform my mistakes into skills. As a result, I have thrived professionally and personally.

Stacy DuncanMarketing Director

The ownership group can now develop leaders on-site.

Dick BlaylockOwner & CEO

My experience with Juliana has been remarkable and has not only affirmed my belief that there is a more effective and even kinder way to lead, but has altered my perspective and abilities as a person. Juliana leads with respect, openness, and a curious mind and heart.

Mary Ann ArmesLeasing Director